Episode 1: The Jazz Disappearances

February 25, 2017

They could strip him of his title, They could take away his band, They could do anything to him, really.

Dr Kay and the Quest for Unedited Truth is a Norwegian sci fi radio drama about love, death and dignity in a post-fact universe

In the first episodes of this series we learn of the evil editors, witness their destructive desire for perfection and how they destroy the dreams of our hero Dr Kay. All seems dark and twisted, but perhaps it is still possible to change the universe!  

Credits for Dr Kay and the quest for Unedited Truth Episode 1: The Jazz Disapperances

Created by: Arthur Kay Piene

Based on a story by: Arthur Kay Piene, Filip Roshauw, Peter Vollset, Christopher Nielsen

Written by Arthur Kay Piene, Filip Roshauw and Peter Vollset.

Music and Sound Design by Arthur Kay Piene and Dr Kay and his Interstellar Tone Scientists

Produced by Arthur Kay Piene and Filip Roshauw

Mastered by Christian Obermayer

The Song “Do you Want to Change The Universe”
Written by Arthur Piene
Performed By Dr Kay and his Interstellar Tone Scientists
Kasper Værnes (lead sopr. sax) Kristoffer Eikrem (trp) Harald Lassen (sax) André Roligheten (sax) Øyvind Brække (trb) Adrian Myhr (bass) Andreas Wildhagen (drums) Tore Flatjord (prk)

Vocals by Thomas Sagbråten, Filip Roshauw & Frank Michaelsen

Mixed by Anders Møller

Mastered by Greg Calbi

Copyright Bangles & Brass Records 2017


Narrator: Adam Eaton

Blekka / Global Jazz News Senior Nordic Correspondent Bob Hutch: Peter Vollset

Hornet / Jazz Fan / people at the Library: Filip Roshauw

Global Jazz News Anchor Sandra Kidd: Cornelia Christiansen

Dr Kay: Himself

Editor/Opponent: Eivind Øygarden 

A Young Person: Judy Nyambura Karanja

Cover art by Tobias Gulbransen

Special Thanks to
Thomas Sagbråten, Goran Obad, Frank Michaelsen, Christopher Nielsen, Gudrun, Family and friends.



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